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Gearing Up For Summer
7 Summer-Ready Looks Every Guy Needs
1. Beach Day

LINEN – the ideal summer fabric. Even under the scorching sun without a cloud in sight, a linen shirt will keep you cool and allow the ocean breeze to be fully enjoyed by your torso. Obviously you’re going to want to pair that with our Hampton Swim Trunknot just a swim short, but a short you can swim in—for when the heat becomes too much to bear and a dip in the water is the only possible respite.

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2. Grill and Chill

Summer would be incomplete without a little BBQ action. Round up the friends and fam, hit the backyard and throw some burgers and dogs on the grill. For an occasion such as this, you definitely want to feel relaxed but put-together at the same time. Our linen dress shorts go great with a madras plaid short sleeve button down shirt for a clean, comfortable look.

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3. Night Out

Got an excuse to dress up? You’re officially allowed to break out the white pants (even though you’ve probably been wearing them all year like us). Pair it with a plaid shirt and a dark blazer for a modern preppy look. Don’t be alarmed if you turn some heads when you walk into the party.

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4. Linen's Not Just for the Beach

Pair a solid linen shirt with some white chinos for an easy going look perfect for grabbing a beer with some friends on a summer evening.

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5. On the Go

A patterned short sleeve shirt paired with our famous Bowie chinos is a versatile combo for a city dweller on the run. Moreover, you can always sub in a linen short sleeve shirt for those extra hot days.

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6. Pro-Lo

Here’s a life pro tip, don’t neglect the polo: all the ease and comfort of a t-shirt in a package more suitable for big boys.

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7. The Wind Down

Let's face it, Sunday scaries are the worst. That being said, sweatshorts can help make life a little bit easier during those full-day hangovers; a look suitable for watching Netflix in your bed all day as well as taking your single outing to the corner store to get a greasy bacon egg and cheese, throw an open dark indigo oxford over your favorite white tee and you have officially achieved hangover style pro-status. Silver lining? There's only five more days until next weekend.

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