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You may not follow fashion closely, but you will be impressed with the new black chino pants that are offered for men. These pants are making a statement in a big way, and all of the top brands are offering them on their line. Not only are they a fashion forward trend that everyone can get on board with, they also have amazing character that can suit any type of life style. Plus, these pants are very diverse, and can be combined with casual or dressy attire.


What Do They Offer?

These pants offer a cool look that is more fitted then previous season styles. They have a fabulous name, which makes people stop and wonder where they originated from. Chino happens to be a Spanish term, which means Chinese, and it refers to the cotton twill fabric that they are made from. This fabric comes from China, and was originally used for military and work uniforms.


The style caught on in America in the 20th century. There are a variety of colors that are offered, which includes Black, Khaki, Mustard, Grey, Navy, Brown, Forest Green and Burgundy. Chino pants are often confused with khaki pants because that is the most popular color.


This cotton fabric is very comfortable, and can be easily worn in any season. It tends to look more dressy then jeans, and is often used for those who want to look smart. Perfect solution when needing to dress in business casual on a daily basis. It can also serve as a relaxed weekend look when paired with a pop art tee.


What To Look For

In recent years, you may have only found chino pants in a khaki color, and a loose baggy fit. However, the fashion world has embraced these pants, and are now offering them in a variety of styles. American style gurus have taken these pants, and have adjusted them to suit the younger more sophisticated generation.


They are now in a fitted style with tapered legs. Chino pants are offering men a trendy way to look smart, but also feel comfortable. You will find that chino pants are offered in skinny, straight leg and boot cut. This will cater to everyones needs.


How To Wear

You decide!!! Chino pants are so unique and fashionable, that they can be worn anytime and anywhere when paired with the right attire. Business casual can be utilized with a fitted cotton dress shirt, chino pants and a blazer or sports coat. If you want to kick back with your friends for the weekend, pair these pants with a hoodie, tee shirt or long sleeved shirt. Looks great when paired with vintage attire, such as hats or bow ties.


You really can not go wrong when wanting to utilize a pair of black chino pants. They are a style that is gaining a lot of the limelight at the moment, and it is because they are durable, easy to care for and can be worn for any occasion.

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