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Get the Best Out of Good Friday and Easter Sunday With These Top Outfits!

If your current attire lineup does not reflect your mood this Easter, there are plenty of other fashion trends you can try on. These include florals, seersuckers, denim, and short sleeve shirts.It's time to revitalize your closet, unleash the spring wear, and get reacquainted with the outdoors to meet some new people.
Here are fashion trends you can try for a stylish look and great Easter outfits.

Floral Shirt

Good Friday is the right time to try on floral prints. You can wear them with your classic styles and unleash a bold new personality. Here's how you can change from winter fashion into florals seamlessly with affordable Easter outfits.

Mind the Season

Floral print shirts sprout every spring and summer. You can easily pair them with swim shorts or other shorts for games and other outdoor Easter events.

Go big!

Florals tend to shine, giving you a bold appearance. You can also keep things neutral with floral shorts and you'll still shine during an Easter Sunday afternoon. Balance the bold looks of the shorts with the subtlety of off-white henley, and polo with a pair of white sneakers. Now that's the appearance of a fun day out with friends!

Printed Seersuckers Shirts

When traveling, breathable materials matter a lot. So, a printed seersucker shirt won't let you down. For those attending family gatherings or casual events, these are the perfect laid-back alternative to linen. Our printed seersucker shirts are worn with chinos, jeans, or shorts and are fantastic for an Easter weekend concert, weekend party, or classy dinner.

Spring Fridays are some of the trickiest to style if you want to maintain a business casual. Seersuckers shirts as part of your outfits will give you room to breathe as the temperature changes this Easter and you can transition from the office to the bar stylishly.

Classic T-shirt and Denim

As you lose the layers of winter clothing, you might decide to go for jeans and t-shirts. These are a way of life for many, but you can also change up with printed t-shirts or florals, depending on the setting. Find your fit and style at JACHS NY from this season's collection.

Easter and Spring Outfit Tips

  • Keeping your Easter outfits comfortable and casual is important as there are many Easter activities around. A stretchy pair of short sleeve shirts and polos with the subtle pleating of a button-down shirt will be excellent. But you can also add a bit of interest and detail with your choice of sneakers.
  • The transition from formal to more laid-back spring wear makes springtime dressing a challenging task. The perfect outfit for spring comes from your response to the changing environment.
  • Your outfit's colors matter a lot too. Pastel colors and hues dominate most spring wear. You can keep it simple by matching your blacks, navy, and grays with pastel hues or create high contrast looks with your whites and light shades of gray.

What would your perfect outfit be for this holiday? Shop these and more of your favorite clothes from JACHS NY.