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What to Wear on St. Patrick's Day

Finding the perfect men's St. Patrick's Day outfit can be a challenge. Most wear any green attire they can find, raise a toast to Saint Patrick, and call it a day. But not you; you are committed to celebrating every holiday, particularly ones that include festive revelry. Even if you are not Irish, you share the spirit of St. Patrick's Day with the best of them. For you, it's more than just wearing green; it's about putting together a fashionable and festive style to fit the occasion. As the luck of the Irish would have it, here are a few ways to look stylish while still abiding by St. Patrick's traditions.

Green Pima Cotton Tee

Our lightweight and very soft Green Pima Cotton tee—a must-have addition to your wardrobe—makes it easy to put together an effortless yet elegant St. Patrick's Day look. Crafted from a blend of spandex, Pima cotton, and modal, this classic fit tee offers a fresh and comfortable feel.

A green tee is not only simple to wear but also classic and fashionable. Pair it with gray jeans and brown shoes for a surefire style suitable for everything from a casual kegger to a more formal corporate occasion.

Olive Stretch Traveler Pant

Few concepts apply equally to wearing properly and weightlifting, but one universal rule is not to ignore your legs. Olive traveler pants provide a touch of green to the party without being overwhelming. Instead of wearing conventional St. Patrick's Day shirts for men, pair a soft cotton polo with a lightweight jacket for a classy yet casual look. These pants aren't only for special occasions; they might be your go-to for a swan song after two seasons of consistent wear.

Classic Green Flannel

Experiment with the green flannel shirt, a flexible piece that may be worn as a layer beneath a jacket or as a lighter top over a thinner layer in warmer weather. Its two-pocket design is elegant and helpful in keeping goods like your wallet or phone. If you enjoy texture, this shirt is a must-have due to its soft and beautiful pattern.

JACHS NY has the ideal flannels for any guy, including traditional and contemporary styles. Whether you like a conventional, slim, or relaxed fit, we have a style to suit you.

Rock A Green Hoodie

For a St. Patrick's Day celebration that could mean moving between bars or being outdoors, it's crucial to dress according to the weather. Mid-March weather may be erratic, ranging from warm and sunny to chilly and wet. Prepare with a coat, an umbrella, or, better yet, a stylish and comfy hoodie. Our green Bedford brushed waffle hoodie is an excellent solution to keeping warm while retaining a fresh and subtle aesthetic on chilly and warm days.

Get Your St. Patrick's Day Look at JACHS NY

Whether your St. Patrick's Day outfit is adorned with shamrocks or has delicate touches of green, we wish you a lucky and fun-filled day. And if you're looking for someone to put together the perfect St. Patrick's Day outfit for you, JACHS NY has you covered! Our stylists are delighted to create a package of customized garments for you.

From traditional outerwear to everyday shirting, chinos, and sweaters, we provide the basics for your daily life and trips. Based on time-tested processes and antique inspiration, our brand concept is simple: great style should be effortless.